Are you ready to change your appearance with Laser Dermatology? : Dr. Mary Lupo

Are you ready to experience the best skin care treatments? Have you ever considered visiting a Dermatologist to get advice to change the appearance of your skin? Check with Dr. Mary Lupo from Lupo Center for Aesthetic & General Dermatology Orleans, LA to have the best Laser Treatments. Lupo Center for Aesthetic & General Dermatology Orleans, LA is equipped with different types of Laser Treatments which can be used in different ways. They are : - Fractional Co2 Resurfacing (most aggressive one) - Fraxel Dual (Can be done more or less aggressively) - CoolTouch laser - Excel V Laser - IPL (non-laser light device) - Radiofrequency microneedling - Regular microneedling - Light chemical peels - Clear and Brilliant (less aggressive Fraxel that has no downtime) - Dermal infusion (combination between microdermabrasion and a light chemical peel) In the video Dr. Mary Lupo also explains how the Fraxel Dual Laser treatment works. As there are various options available, patients can decide which laser treatment they can follow after discussing with Dr. Mary Lupo. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- WELCOME TO VIDEO 360 Are you looking to get a video created to launch a new product? or to promote seasonal offers? or simply to market your business? Don't miss out on getting powerful videos done for whatever your need may be! Visit our official website - JOIN US - ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Get social with us - Facebook - Instagram -

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